Steven Xue
is a designer and visual artist living in Portland, Oregon.

His multi-disciplinary work is a result of wide-ranging interests across art, design, culture, and technology. Often research and conceptually driven, his main work involves art direction, brand design, messaging, strategy, type design, and editorial for commercial clients and cultural institutions. His personal work often finds its way in custom type design, photography, and installation/conceptual art.

Steven is interested in intersections between art and design, art and technology, and art and culture.

He is interested in sensory perception.
He is interested in language and form.
He is interested in logical systems.
He is interested in immateriality of concepts and ideas.
He is interested in contradictions.
He is interested in new cliches.
He is interested in the uncommon sense.

His work is a manifestation of these interests and applying them to solve problems and to create experiences.

Steven received a BFA in Graphic Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR) in 2019.

Work sample PDFs available upon request.

Photo by Tony Vu