The following is a series of experiments seeking to point to our experiences
of space and time—the experiential, the formal, and the in-between.


Pointing as a gesture of art.

︎︎︎ (30) sec line.

How does ‘form,’ point to experience?
How do you draw a line in space and time?
How do you draw a line 30 seconds long?

︎︎︎ 5 sec diagonal.

How to draw a diagonal line, that engages all three/four dimension at once?

︎︎︎ second squared.

From perceptual to formalism:
Developing the perceptual experience of time into a formal abstraction: a square of time, or an area of time.

Does it work?
Can you experience an area of time?
How do you experience it?
︎︎︎ incomplete rectangle.

Formally a rectangle, but never experienced as such.

︎︎︎ short time/long time.

The subjectivity of experience against objective measurement.

Something that objectively stays the same, but with different subjective experiences.