Untitled (Room 601).
Square translations pointing to the presence of space, the interaction of light and color with the spcace of the room and the whiteness of the wall.
May 1, 2019. Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Untitled (cage), 2018. After John Cage, 4’33”. 

Taped square on a corner of my bedroom, above my bed. White tape on white wall.

The square reveals a subtle change in shade from one side of the corner to the other. We are so used to seeing white walls as white walls, and we make ourselves believe that it’s just one white all the way through. But each plane is always a different shade. Same is true with a piece of white paper. If you fold it once, you have two shades. With each fold, you are introducing a new shade. If you cross fold, you have 4 shades. Yes, even boring things can be interesting.